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Last year reflections 🙈

Ohh, it’s been a hard year. i didn’t have the chance to post in a while... To be honest I’ve been caught on finding a way to keep the business alive during this difficult year 😞.

It’s been rough, but not impossible. It was a good chance to overpass our limits, to fight our fears, and dedicate more time for us and our close one’s.

From a business perspective, it shut us down, cut down one of the most important aspect of all sessions, Face to Face workouts. The positive part was that it encouraged us to focus more on our online development and show us that is possible and achievable.

Together with our clients we improvised on finding ways to replace the weights and still see results from the comfort of their house. We are still on the same path as our gyms are closed again ☹️, but we are still here, dedicating our time and working together with those who put them self before anything, who want see results and pursue their dream body.

Oh, it’s enough, I will end here by wishing all of you (who take a minute of their precious time to read this) a happy new year 🥳 May all out dreams and wishes come true!!

If you want to see a change in the world, take a step first and make a change on you.

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