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Seriously? Pubs are opened but not the gyms?

Like lots of health conscious people I was counting the days until the gyms open their doors again. This afternoon, I heard the news… Gyms have to remain closed until further notice. I could not believe my ears…Pubs and restaurants are to open again from 4th of July so it is okay for people to drink and eat but absolutely out of question for them to sweat.

I understand taking all the possible precautions to avoid a second wave, but in Europe, almost all the countries have reopened their gyms at the same time as their pubs. Not England. Today I heard about how the pubs are important for social reasons in the UK, how it is paramount to allow people to come to a place to drink and chat. And it makes me think : what about the gyms? Aren’t they at least as important as bars for social well-being? Apparently not!

Many studies demonstrate how important it is to stay active in boosting the immune system as well as the morale and fighting depression. Working out has many benefits for the health and the mind. It is also a safe place to sweat out frustrations and feel better about yourself and your life without having to drink to forget… I am not against the pubs at all but, come on, a little logic please???

Anyway, this is another debate and it looks like people will have to find other ways to exercise and remain motivated as well as keeping the weight (alcohol and food induced) off. As I said in my last blog entry, exercise has been a lifesaver for me and has become a way of life. Despite sometimes feeling lazy, like everybody else, I am disciplined and focused enough to keep my exercise routine and find ways to keep fit outside the gyms. It is not most people case.

So if you are struggling to remain motivated when you cannot go to the gym, I wanted to say that there are many ways to keep your fitness level or to improve it, even when the gyms are closed. I am creating dedicated workouts in parks in Peterborough areas where we can respect social distancing whilst still working out with friends and like-minded people. Together we are stronger, our motivation is stronger and we can reach our fitness goals whilst having fun and a chat at the same time.

I am calling people who do not think that sitting behind a bar counter is the only way to get human interaction to get in touch with me to plan some outings that involve working out, having fun and (icing on the cake) getting a tan!

Because when we can travel again we want to be able to wear a swimsuit feeling good about our bodies. And believe me, achieving your beach body isn’t going to happen sitting at a bar drinking beer!

Come on, join me, let’s work out! Because it feels good and it does good!

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