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I wanted to share a success story with you all including some great images of a clients Fitness Transformation. Adrian visted me in Peterborough at Get Fit with Costa, he wanted to bulk up and get a six pack . I trained Adrian 3 times in the week doing weight training. I also noticed that he was not eating enough so I increased his calorie intake, as well as introducing supplements to his diet.

I was sure that the food he was eating was the right foodbut he just needed some adjustments to his dietary intake! He wasn’t very active and didn’t do any kind of training before, so now he is feeling more confident and he is more active as well . Through educating him on his diet, training and rest regime he was able to apply this to his everyday life and keep it up consistently.

I really think that only hard work and determination can make you achieve your dreams.

A good balanced diet and a smart workout as well are the keys to achieve your dream body! It’s not like a magic pill or secret tricks, you just have to really follow your dreams and never give up.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Peterbrorough that can help you achieve your fitness goals then get in touch with me at Get Fit with Costa and I will work with you to develop a fitness training proramme which will give you the knowledge, tolls and motivation to get where you want to be.

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