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Weight training does not discriminate.... All ages and both sexes benefit greatly!

This is Shirley one of my clients and this is her testimony....“I joined a gym at the age of 40 when my 4 boys were grown up. It was Me time. I went to the gym 7 days a week, but never touched the weights...I didn’t dare do them alone.

I started running outside 5 years ago aged 57 and I did my first Half Marathon 3 weeks before my 60th birthday. I now do a half marathon or 2 or 3 10K races each month. I decided about 18 months ago that I wanted to do weights. To improve my upper body strength and also to help prevent injury while running. I have been having PT sessions with Costa 3 or even 4 times a week since April 2018. Weights are not just for men and there is no age limit to doing weights. They are not scary at all once you get used to them. And are really good fun....Laughing is good for your abs!! 💪😊”

So start today ,come and train with me!! Feel better than you ever felt and become the best version of yourself!!

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